Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whew, I did it

Well, Adult Nursing is over and done with.

I passed. Now I get to move on to my preceptor experience! YAY!

It was a tough test. Last night was the first time I've stayed up past 11 pm studying for a test since I've been in school! I was up until 3, then couldn't get to sleep between the dog and having burns and intercranial pressure in my head.

I walked out feeling ok. While I didn't do the greatest, I passed the course. I'm happy I did.

I start my nursing seminar class tomorrow night and meet with my preceptor on Friday to start the ball rolling on that.
Monday, I work with Boone County Public Health to begin my community hours. Doing 4 hours there, 7 at an elementary school in Boone, 4 hours at the Boone Wound clinic and possibly a day at the doctor's clinic. I need 16 hours total there, but can go over. Since I'm at 15, I will either rearrange places to get to 16 or just have the extra.

We are going out to dinner to celebrate tonight!

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