Friday, September 23, 2011

Another week down! It seems to go quickly at times and other times, it feels like the semester just started! Only one more week on oncology then the switch to telemetry. I'll learn a lot there, but I'm nervous!
The other day, I hung 6 IVPB and did another IV push. Good experience!

The other night during class, we went down and got to tour the cardiac cath lab. Pretty neat to see!

Last weekend, Isaac, my sister and I headed to my parents house. We spent Friday night there and then Saturday morning, the three of us along with mom, headed up to Spencer, home of the Clay County Fair.
My sister and i have some great memories from there and we decided to take Isaac too!
It was cold and chilly that day! My sister wearing Isaac's new Perry the Platypus hat.( lots of looks and comments)
We went through the buildings and shopped. I picked up some fantastic apple cinnamon jam and apple butter. Isaac got a new mini pillow pet-a triceratops.

Isaac rode some rides and had a lot of fun!

Today, 23 September, I picked him up from school like I do on Fridays. He said he wanted to go home, but I told him we had one place to go first......
This is the 3rd year we've rode Thomas the Tank Engine. I've found by going on a Friday, you save $3/person! He had fun AND I got out of there without spending a bunch of money on overpriced Thomas stuff.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 3 is in the bag!

It's hard to believe that I'm already 3 weeks into 5th term! I've been busy, busy, busy!!

I'm currently doing clinical on oncology. I'd been looking forward to this particular rotation. 
The people are fantastic and I'm learning new things and getting to do new skills.

I finally hung 2 IVPB (IV piggyback meds) this week! I did an IV push! I've now d/c'd a picc line! I've flushed ports.

I like oncology so much that I when I requested my preceptor assignment, oncology was my #1 choice!
One of my patients from last week told my primary nurse that I was doing a great job, was a great nurse and he was pleased to have me! NICE!

As for class.......Class is Monday mornings 830-1130 and then Wednesday nights 4-7 (after clinical). Wednesdays are super long days but only about 5ish more weeks of clinical.

We had our first test this past Monday. I felt pretty confident going in and walked out not feeling like I failed. Grades came back yesterday and I did fantastic!

Preceptor starts in November so I'm anxious to find out if I get my top choice or if I am placed somewhere else.