Monday, July 8, 2013

to start again

I had made a plan to get in shape this year. I did well for a while, losing about 6-7 pounds. Then it rained for like 2 weeks straight, making it near impossible to go out to walk.

Today, despite the heat, I decided it was time to start again! I walked .97 miles this AM and came home dripping sweat.

I have not caved in to the occasional craving for a Mountain Dew! That's over 7 months now! I do drink the Pepsi that uses less sugar. And not often either. I need to get into the water habit!!

Lofty goal: 35 pounds. No time frame, but a good jump start before vacation I hope.

Better late than never.

Well, it's July.
More than half-way through 2013.

*I have been at the hospital over 4 months now. I really enjoy it and am learning a lot! It's been somewhat slow, patient wise but it gives me time to dig around and learn more!

*We celebrated a very special 7th birthday this past Friday, the 5th. Can't believe Isaac is already that old!

*Isaac did 1/2 week of overnight camp last month. He is going for another 1/2 week in 10 days. He says he is not ready for a full week, but is willing to do the 1/2 weeks.

*It is pretty hot-the hot where the grass dies no matter what.

*We've been in our house almost a year!

*Vacation is coming up soon and we can't wait to get away for a little while!

*September is coming up and I can't wait to get away with my sister to Las Vegas for a weekend!

*The dogs are fine, we are fine. Just trying to stay cool!