Thursday, April 28, 2011

almost there!

Less than 1 week and this semester is under my belt. Hard to believe that there is only one semester left!

Regular clinicals are over now. I had a good experience in OB-stood in on a C-section so that was cool. I have a makeup day next week in peds.

Time right now is being dedicated to the books. 2 finals next week (Monday and Wednesday) and a pretty big skills exam on Monday. That's what I am most nervous about right now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

1 more month!

1 more month and the 4th term of my nursing education is finished! Then one term to go and finish up in December!

I finish up my clinical rotations on the OB floor at Mary Greeley. Excited to get back and hopefully get in on a C-section this time around.

Mental Health rotation was in Des Moines at Iowa Lutheran. I wasn't a fan of the drive but the rotation itself was interesting, to say the least. 2 other ladies from class and I carpooled so we each drove 3 times, which was nice. I have my last day at MG mental health tomorrow-we go there 2 days.

Not sure what the summer is going to hold but I do know: LOTS of books! Bike riding! Boating!

I am an LPN!

YES! I am an LPN! I have my license to prove it!

18 March was my scheduled date to test for my license.

I was nervous! The GPS put me completely in the wrong area. For some reason, I ended up in the 7000 block of the road, rather than the 3000 block. Glad I was plenty early!

I found the location and got myself checked in: photo, hand scans, fingerprints. Then I sat to wait. Then the proctor could not verify my hand scan, although he had my drivers' license, a photo and me right in front of him! I was like, "Oh man, this is bad!"

I finally got in and went through the initial set up/directions of the NCLEX program. I was there for about an hour, all the while being videotaped/sound monitored. Nerve-wracking, to say the least.

I called Mark when I was done and he was confident I passed. Me-not so sure. I barely had over the bear minimum (85) questions when my test stopped.

All weekend long, Mark tried to convince me I passed. On Sunday afternoon, we were able to pay $8 and get "unofficial results". Well....I PASSED! I was in shock and disbelief! The following Friday, my license was in the mail! I haven't even received my "official results" yet!

I am glad it's behind me! I now have the experience of testing and will be more confident when I take my RN boards next year!