Sunday, November 10, 2013


10th day of November already! These last few months are flying by quickly!

*I ended October with no trips to Wal-Mart, just the .99 Kindle book and no music downloads. No shoes or clothes purchased for me. I did, however, have to buy a pair of pants for Isaac to wear to his great-grandfather's funeral.

This month:
*Bring meals/food from home to work so I don't spend money in the cafeteria (I did spend $1 on Friday for a soda, though. I usually buy 1 12-pack of pop and leave in my car to take a can to work. I was out. I think I will keep it that way!)
*Drink water at restaurants. Not only is it cheaper, it is way healthier for me! (DUH! This will be a hard one to do, but I am determined!)
*I traded in some books/DVD's on Amazon for a gift card. I then purchased the songs from last month that I wanted! Even had some left over to purchase a case of soup from Amazon. Turned out to be .37/can so that is cheap lunch or supper!
*I learned how to check out library books for my Kindle! It seems as if the Kindle version will be quicker when reserved, rather than waiting 2 plus months to get the hard copy from the library!
*Renewed our zoo membership before prices went up $10.
*Staying home more to prevent mindless, unnecessary trips to Target! (Want to continue to stay out of Wal-Mart as much as I can. I do have a $50 gift card from last Christmas though).
*Find more things to take to consignment (over $40 in my account right now!) and also things to sell on the FB swap sites.  I split this money between our Disney Fund (hopefully, next summer!) and my school loans. I want to get them paid off ASAP!

***It has almost been an entire year and I have not had any Mountain Dew!! YAY!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mid October!

Where has the year gone? It seems as if it just started and we are nearly at the end!

*This month, I imposed a personal "no spending on books, music or clothes/shoes". I have enough of all and it's a good way to save some money. I did buy a jacket off a local swap for $10 for photos, but then turned around and sold it for the same. I did buy one .99 cent Kindle book, but otherwise, I am pursuing the free list on Amazon and checking out "real" books from the library.

*I have lost count of how many books I have read this year. I know it has been many.  I have about 4 started in various states of completion right now!

*I have not had any Mountain Dew since giving it up mid-December 2012! I have almost succumbed to a craving a time or two, but didn't give in. Go me! (Wish I could do the same to chocolate...)

*Work is going well. Now that school has started, I have an average of 3 patients each time I work. We have filled our adolescent unit a few times (7 patients), which keeps us busy!

*Have started Christmas shopping!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

TKD Tournament

Isaac had a TaeKwonDo tournament on Saturday, October 12 in Sioux Falls, SD.
We left Friday afternoon to allow him time to swim at the hotel. They had a nice indoor facility and there were lots of kids around to play with!

Getting ready to head over

Getting instructions

Getting his medal, certificate and "You showed great confidence".

All Tiny Tigers in his belt group

Proud of his medal!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sister's Trip.....Las Vegas.....September, 2013

My sister turned 30 in September this year. So, we went to Vegas for a weekend to celebrate! We left Friday afternoon and returned Monday evening. It was quick, but FUN!

Fantastic show!

A little surprise at the Coke Store

Free meals for military folks at Toby Keith's I (Heart) This Bar and Grill. Fun!

Breakfast before At Hash House

Finished at Hash House

Smores Latte at Hash House

Yeah, that's the Big Shot.

My big win
We ate. We shopped. We walked. We gambled. Oh yeah...the BEST PART? Riding the "Big Shot" on top of the Stratosphere Tower!! WHAT A RUSH!!!