Sunday, November 10, 2013


10th day of November already! These last few months are flying by quickly!

*I ended October with no trips to Wal-Mart, just the .99 Kindle book and no music downloads. No shoes or clothes purchased for me. I did, however, have to buy a pair of pants for Isaac to wear to his great-grandfather's funeral.

This month:
*Bring meals/food from home to work so I don't spend money in the cafeteria (I did spend $1 on Friday for a soda, though. I usually buy 1 12-pack of pop and leave in my car to take a can to work. I was out. I think I will keep it that way!)
*Drink water at restaurants. Not only is it cheaper, it is way healthier for me! (DUH! This will be a hard one to do, but I am determined!)
*I traded in some books/DVD's on Amazon for a gift card. I then purchased the songs from last month that I wanted! Even had some left over to purchase a case of soup from Amazon. Turned out to be .37/can so that is cheap lunch or supper!
*I learned how to check out library books for my Kindle! It seems as if the Kindle version will be quicker when reserved, rather than waiting 2 plus months to get the hard copy from the library!
*Renewed our zoo membership before prices went up $10.
*Staying home more to prevent mindless, unnecessary trips to Target! (Want to continue to stay out of Wal-Mart as much as I can. I do have a $50 gift card from last Christmas though).
*Find more things to take to consignment (over $40 in my account right now!) and also things to sell on the FB swap sites.  I split this money between our Disney Fund (hopefully, next summer!) and my school loans. I want to get them paid off ASAP!

***It has almost been an entire year and I have not had any Mountain Dew!! YAY!

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