Thursday, October 20, 2011

A trip to the apple orchard

Last Sunday, my mom, sister, Isaac and I headed to Cambridge to the apple Orchard. It's quite the orchard-they even charge admission, but I think it's well worth it!
There are animals (ducks, chickens, goats, turkeys), a giant corn pit to play in, a giant slide, a big jumping pillow, rides to the pumpkin patch.....

It was a cool day, but perfect weather for the orchard. We wandered around, had lunch, went to the pumpkin patch (and came home with 2 more...bringing us to 10!) and did some shopping. I picked up the most delicious caramel apple ever. It was coated in caramel, dipped in white chocolate, rolled in oreos and drizzled with caramel. Oh. My. Goodness.

The trip came at a perfect time, as last Friday Isaac and I used up all the apples we had to make 2 apple crisps and 2 mini-crisps. I picked up a small bag of honey crisp apples that I am undecided what to do with. Probably eat since they are delicious!

The corn pit

Isaac and his beloved Aunt Kate sling-shotting apples

The giant jumping pillow

So close!

The first part of my final semester is quickly approaching! 9 November is the end...

3 more clinical days is a makeup since I didn't feel well at all yesterday. Having 2 patients isn't much more difficult that 1. This week, I had a total of 25 meds...for 2 patients! That's a lot of meds! The majority went to one patient. Last week was a light week, med wise. Have had no iv meds since leaving oncology.
This past Tuesday was a half day at clinical. We got to go down to the simulation lab at DMU and do a simulation! It was an ER, another student and I were the nurses and we had 5 med students as the doctors. Pretty cool scenario! The manequin had vital signs, "breathed" and even talked (the sim person).
We are still waiting on preceptor assignments. I'm getting anxious to know where i end up! I think I've mentioned that I want oncology. Fingers crossed!

Friday, October 7, 2011

3 weeks of clinical left!!

WOW! I can hardly believe that there is only 3 weeks of clinical left! I believe this past week marked the mid-term for us!

Had our first week on the telemetry (cardiac) floor this week. It's quite different than oncology. Next week, we will have 2 patients/week.

On Wednesday, after discharging my patient, I got to go to the cardiac catherization (cardiac cath) lab to watch a procedure. It's pretty amazing what doctors can do!

Had another test this past Monday and grades came in last night. Another decent grade, a little less than than the first, but enough to bring me up 5% overall! Test #3 is this coming Monday!