Friday, December 30, 2011

a few photos

Christmas Eve lunch at Texas Roadhouse

My sister, Kate, whom Isaac adores

Our tree, Christmas Eve night

Sophie helping

The snowman ornament Isaac made for us in kindergarten

Stompeez...he had been asking for these for months

Playing at the park in Storm Lake on Christmas Day

Some ice on the lake, but no snow


Isaac's Power Wheels 4-wheeler we got the day after Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have graduated!!

It's true! I did it! I graduated!

Graduation was last Thursday night at the Boone campus. My mom, sister, husband, son and friend Joyce were all there to see me!
After the graduation reception, we went back for the pinning ceremony. Isaac and Mark got to come up on stage with me for that.

I still am in shock that I DID IT!

The last three days I've been in Ankeny doing "Live Review" for the NCLEX. It was a great resource and I'm glad to have done it. Hopeful to help uphold DMACC's 100% first time pass rate when it comes time to take boards.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Preceptor finished!

I am done with my preceptor!!!!!!
Finished up on Wednesday, the 7th.

What a fantastic experience.

My next to last day I got to watch a PICC (peripherally inserted centrall catheter) be placed. That was pretty cool to see and well worth staying late at the hospital for.

I spent yesterday and today finishing up my journal and got it submitted about 715 tonight. Glad it's done and complete!

I did a stint in the Boone schools this past Monday. Pretty interesting, but school nursing is not for me.

What's test on Monday. Graduation on Thursday night!

It's hard to believe that I wore my royal blue DMACC scrubs for the last time this week, I won't miss the color at all! I sat in my last class lecture last night.

What an incredible journey.

(I poked my finger really bad on a couch spring-think i hit a nerve so it hurts to type and i am sorry if my splling is bad)