Friday, December 9, 2011

Preceptor finished!

I am done with my preceptor!!!!!!
Finished up on Wednesday, the 7th.

What a fantastic experience.

My next to last day I got to watch a PICC (peripherally inserted centrall catheter) be placed. That was pretty cool to see and well worth staying late at the hospital for.

I spent yesterday and today finishing up my journal and got it submitted about 715 tonight. Glad it's done and complete!

I did a stint in the Boone schools this past Monday. Pretty interesting, but school nursing is not for me.

What's test on Monday. Graduation on Thursday night!

It's hard to believe that I wore my royal blue DMACC scrubs for the last time this week, I won't miss the color at all! I sat in my last class lecture last night.

What an incredible journey.

(I poked my finger really bad on a couch spring-think i hit a nerve so it hurts to type and i am sorry if my splling is bad)

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