Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In honor of my 32nd birthday....32 things you may not know about me!

Yep. Today is my 32nd birthday. Wow, I feel really old.

1. I created and perfected my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's tasty!
2. I was an army wife for almost 8 1/2 years before Mark got out. We lived through one deployment.
3. I was born on a Tuesday.
4. I LOVE the Iowa State Fair. I haven't missed a year since I was about 18 (which was also the first time I went!)
5. I do not like amusement park rides that spin around.
6. I do like roller coasters.
7. I got glasses in 4th grade. I wore them until my first year of college (1997!)
8. I have an AA from Iowa Central Community College (Liberal Arts/general studies), a BS in Housing and the Near Environment from Iowa State University and will have my AA in nursing (RN) in December (God willing!)
9. I ADORE books. I love to read. I wonder sometimes how many books I've read in my lifetime.
10. I've only broken one bone in my life. I broke my right clavicle (collar bone) when I was a bit over 1. I fell down some stairs in my walker.
11. I love wearing flip flops, even though they do horrible things to my feet.
12. I am afraid of fire. Like a house fire, mostly. I don't mind campfires but an out of control fire, no thanks.
13. I was 25ish and taking swim lessons. I still can't swim.
14. I like the Beatles.
15. Mark and I lived about 8 blocks away from each other in Ankeny. Before we ever met!
16. I started cooking/baking around age 10.
17. My mom bakes me a homemade chocolate angel food cake every year for my birthday.
18. I've had 2 of my 3 cats longer than I've known my husband.
19, I tried to join the Air Force when I was 19. They told me that I was mostly deaf in one ear. I saw an audiologist outside the military which proved that I am not/was not deaf in one ear. They still didn't want me.
20. I still got to see Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX when my sister graduated basic training.
21. I used to want to be an English teacher or environmental engineer.
22. I almost went to UNI. *GASP*
23. Now I say I bleed cardinal and gold. GO ISU!
24. I'm looking forward to taking Isaac to his first Iowa State Football game. Hopefully, this fall!
25. I bought myself a dozen roses in honor of my birthday.
26. I've enjoyed my time being a SAHM with Isaac the last 5 years. I think it was great for him and for me!
27. I'm looking forward to finishing school in December.
28. I do most of my shopping online, but I do enjoy going to the mall once in a while!>
29. I love Target!
30. I went tubing for the first time this summer. It was a blast!
31. I have a crazy memory. I remember things from when I was pretty small and just random bits of life.
32. I love my boys! (But I bet you knew that!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

#50 and news

Well, this is post #50! Slow going, but that's ok. I'm not in a race.

Can't believe summer is already half over!
So far, we have
*gotten a dog (Sophie, a 6 month old labradoodle)
*moved to a different place in Ogden
*celebrated a 5th birthday Phineas and Ferb style
*gone boating/tubing/swimming
*went swimming at the Boone pool
*went to Don Williams and introduced Sophie to the water
*went to the zoo 2 times
*Celebrated the 4th of July in Humboldt with grandma, grandpa and Kate
*got through a minor surgery (Isaac)
*read a lot of books

We've been staying busy and trying to have lots of fun.
Isaac is really enjoying having a dog and so am I. She likes (we think?) to swim when she's on the boat. She does laps around the boat.

Isaac loves to go tubing and swim off the boat. It's been fun watching his swim skills develop as he's taking lessons at the YMCA this summer.

Not sure what else is going to be on our agenda for the summer.....we'll play it by ear!