Tuesday, October 12, 2010

chug, chug, chug..

Another school week is underway, another test finished. Today's test got the last "first test" out of the way for my 3rd class. Glad it's done.

Center Grove Orchard was a blast! Isaac seemed to love every second of it and there was lots to see and do! My sister took the pictures, since my camera somehow grew legs and walked away. Hopefully, pictures soon!

The weather has been gorgeous! 80's in October is something I can live with!

Isaac's new "pet" is a praying mantis that my friend Sara caught yesterday. He took it to school today and was a pretty popular boy in his class! We (I mean, I!) caught 2 grasshoppers for it this afternoon. It had a light snack of the bigger one and at last check, the smaller hopper was still alive. We'll see by morning what's happening!

Isaac and I were discussing milk the other day. I asked him where white milk came from. He told me cows. Great! "Isaac, where does chocolate milk come from?", I asked. "The grocery store!" was his enthusiastic reply. I sure do love my boy!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

fall! Pumpkins! School!

Life is just plucking right along here at home. Got some more school cranked out, including the first 2 tests of the semester back to back the last week in September. Ugh. That was a horrible week full of stress.  But, I got through them both, passed them both and am moving on.

I finished up my OB clinical a couple weeks ago. Oh my goodness, I loved it. I wasn't sure if I would but I really enjoyed interacting with the new families and of course the babies! I got to witness one mom get an epidural and then they were my patients the next day. I learned how to swaddle a baby...only 4 years too late! LOL

Now we are at Boone County hospital. It's a skilled floor. We had our first week (2 days) just yesterday and Thursday. It's such a different facility than what I worked on in Ames. It was different and very, very busy! I guess we got lazy this time around in Ames since we didn't do a whole lot. I left the 2 days very stiff and sore! Next week, I get to spend a day in same-day surgery! Excited for that!

A few weeks ago, Isaac and I went to ride Thomas the Train. Much the same as last year, but by going on Friday, I saved like $6. He loved it of course.  It was a reward for having a good week at preschool and doing well going to bed/staying in bed all night for the week.

Last weekend, Isaac and I met my mom at the apple orchard up in Fort Dodge. We got to go on a hayride, sample apples, he played games and picked out a pumpkin. Lots of fun! He had a good time and luckily, it was about 30 degrees warmer than last year when we went!

I can't believe this is really fall! The high today was 88*! Craziness! I worked on a paper for school and spent most of the day inside at the desk. Around 4 though, Isaac and I walked up to the post office. I needed to do some stretching and moving around. I sure felt a lot better afterwards! Got my paper finished up after supper. Tomorrow it's supposed to be warm again! Maybe we'll continue this weather trend until March?? :)

Tomorrow, Isaac, my sister and I are heading to Center Grove Orchard. I've heard lots of good things about it and am really looking forward to it.

Isaac has started going to bed much better at night! Hooray! I put together a "treasure box" that he gets to choose something from in the morning if he's good at bedtime. It's just little trinkets like stickers or stuff from the dollar bin at Target, but it's working!!

I'm keeping busy with school, Isaac, keeping up around the house and trying to fit in a little bit of reading. I didn't quite make my summer reading goal of 25 books by the time school started, but I did make it to 23!