Tuesday, October 12, 2010

chug, chug, chug..

Another school week is underway, another test finished. Today's test got the last "first test" out of the way for my 3rd class. Glad it's done.

Center Grove Orchard was a blast! Isaac seemed to love every second of it and there was lots to see and do! My sister took the pictures, since my camera somehow grew legs and walked away. Hopefully, pictures soon!

The weather has been gorgeous! 80's in October is something I can live with!

Isaac's new "pet" is a praying mantis that my friend Sara caught yesterday. He took it to school today and was a pretty popular boy in his class! We (I mean, I!) caught 2 grasshoppers for it this afternoon. It had a light snack of the bigger one and at last check, the smaller hopper was still alive. We'll see by morning what's happening!

Isaac and I were discussing milk the other day. I asked him where white milk came from. He told me cows. Great! "Isaac, where does chocolate milk come from?", I asked. "The grocery store!" was his enthusiastic reply. I sure do love my boy!!

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