Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clinical complete!

I finished up my clinical rotation on telemetry today! It was a make up day since I was sick a couple weeks ago.
It was an overall good experience. I was nervous because it is the "cardiac" floor, but happy to say no one went into cardiac arrest while I was there.
The last few weeks we had 2 patients/day. The first day was a bit rough, as I had to juggle numerous medications between my two patients. The second day of clinical always went much smoother.
I learned a lot on my rotation and am lucky to have that opportunity.

Class finishes up next Wednesday, the 9th. The 10th we have our RN exit exam and start our community health class along with our preceptor. I received my preceptor assignment and was so excited to learn that I got oncology, which was my top choice. I'm looking forward to going back there and learning a lot more!

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