Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Another Halloween has come and gone.
Isaac seemed to enjoy all the festivities he was a part of!

We joined a friend of mine from class and her 2 littles at the Zoo in Des Moines for Night Eyes. We've never done that and Isaac seemed to enjoy it a lot.

At his party for school, he was excited that his mom came to help!

We did trick or treat downtown in Boone. He acted like it was the best thing ever!

Trick or treat night in Ogden was the same as Boone. So, we headed to Boone for a bit and hit up our old neighborhood, his old babysitter's house and another friend of ours. Then walked around her neighborhood. We got back to Ogden and stopped at a few on the way home then walked around our neighborhood. Our house and one across the street were the only houses on our block that had lights on.

He had a great time dressing up each time as well. Can't beat buying a costume LAST year on clearance for dress-up and wanting to wear it this year. So, I was out $2 for a costume last year!

I'm glad the weather was pretty decent!

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