Thursday, November 3, 2011

less than a week!

Wednesday night marked my last Wednesday night class. Scary, thrilling, unbelievable!
Only have class Monday morning (3 hours) and then the final test on Wednesday morning (PRAY!).

As I reflect back, I am amazed at the tenacity of myself and classmates. Clinical was HARD, class was HARDER. I've had more knowledge put into my head this semester than any other, I think. I appreciate the opportunity that I've had to pursue this crazy thought I had 3 years ago. It's hard to imagine that it's coming to an end soon.

Next Thursday, we have our RN exit exam and then start our next class. This class coincides with the preceptor and is also web-blended. From what we've been told, it's very busy and intense, but in a different way than 551.
I'm getting really excited for preceptor because I'm anxious to see what I know and how I can apply it!

Prayers are appreciated this next week! Have to pass this test to pass the class!

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