Sunday, January 8, 2012

a new year and some goals

2012 has become the year for me to finally do it: lose weight.
My excuses during nursing school were many: "I have to study", "I'm too tired", "I don't have time", "I'm stressed out and I DESERVE this____________".
Well, no more!

Since Monday, I have been more conscious about what I am eating and deliberately getting more exercise. Granted, I'm walking the dog 2-3 times a day, but the steps add up! I'm using at my sister's suggestion. It's quite a change logging each and everything I eat and drink.

I am drinking more water. Anywhere from 2-3 bottles a day, which is up from my previous consumption of none. I'm being more deliberate in my water consumption.

My goal is to lose 4- 5 pounds/month this year. That would be a total of 60 pounds max or 48 at a minimum. I'm 5'5ish so it would be so beneficial to get rid of all this excess weight: for my knees, for my heart, to hopefully lessen the chance of diabetes down the road (strong familial history), for ME!

I debated whether or not to put my starting weight. But, I'm going to.

197.8 pounds

Yeah, 2.2 pounds from 200. Gross. Yuck. When did this happen and how did I let it happen? I've never hit that number (200) and I hope not too. 

I'm also determined to kick my Mountain Dew habit once and for all this year. New Year's Eve was the last of it that I drank. I know it's all sugar and so horribly bad for me. I can't drink Diet Dew, so I'm kicking the dew habit to the curb.

I am hoping to get to the Y this week and start back there. I did well in May, going every day. I need to make that a priority again!

Wish me luck as I continue on. I know I'll slip up now and then, but I'm going to push forward and do it. 

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  1. I love that you are being real with the numbers! You know, I think it helps so much. When people post their actual debt numbers, or weight, or's just so much more motivating!

    Keep on updating, and keep on keepin' on. You are worth this and you can do it!


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