Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today is our 10 year anniversary! It's cold today, just like it was 10 years ago!

We had a good weekend! Friday, we took Isaac up to meet friends for his sleepover. We flew home to let the dogs out and give them dinner and then headed to Des Moines. We had dinner at O'hana Steakhouse (one of our favorite places) and it was delicious! Mark had his scallops and I had chicken and filet mignon. SOOOOOO Good, but I was so full!

We got to sleep in a bit on Saturday-meaning at 730 I got up to let the dogs out and feed them. Then I went back to bed until 9. It was strange being home on a Saturday!! We didn't do much, but went out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse (I was still so full!) and watched ISU on tv.

The weather reports were not good so I ended up going to Fort Dodge to get Isaac so Mark wouldn't have to travel in the ice/rain/icky stuff. We had a quick supper then home again.

I worked Sunday as usual.

We honestly had people tell us "this marriage will never work". If I were a petty-type person, I'd stick my tongue out and go "ha haha. You were wrong". But I won't.

Looking back, as I say every year, it's been an adventure.

We've been through the threat of deployment, an actual 18 month deployment, me being a "single mom" for 14 months. What else....selling our Boone house, moving to Ogden and then moving to a different place in Ogden, we built a house from the ground up (without killing each other in the design process! Ha!), moving to Ames. I've been through nursing school and am now working as a nurse. Almost another deployment just at the end of my first semester of nursing school. Mark got out of the army and is now a student and working in Ames at the hospital. Our boy is in school full-time, we have 2 super cute dogs (who, by the way, have a new title: Beauty and the Beast). A couple drives to Texas. I could go on and on.

I know I'm not an easy person to get along with. That's not something that is new to me. I'm stubborn, sometimes I have a temper, I can be crabby. He loves me through it all.

We joke about our wedding because it was thrown together so quickly. I sometimes wish we had done things differently or were able to plan more, but the important thing was we got married, we're still married and moving forward!

I have never been one to look forward too far or be to excited about what's to come. I must say that I'm anxious and excited to see where the next years take us! Love you, Mark!

Here's a couple photos I found of us. I don't have many on my computer or phone of just the two of us. I should scan in our wedding pictures! 

HOMECOMING! One of the best days EVER!! 18 long months of separation.  September 2007

I was 6 months pregnant. This is the day that Mark left for Ft. Hood Texas for 6 months before heading to Iraq. April 2006

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