Thursday, January 10, 2013

another year

It's "that time of year" when one is supposed to write resolutions and expect themselves to stick to it for the coming year.

Last year, I made a resolution or goal, to give up Mountain Dew completely. I was doing really well until April-made a recipe that called for it. Drank the last 2 oz and thought it tasted disgusting. That was it until August when my dad got sick. Then I was back on it-not daily, not even weekly but enough to know that I wanted to stop.

Guess what? I am strengthening my resolve this year. NO recipes with it! No drinking matter what! 10 days so far..... and even more, as I was thinking of this the last 2 or so weeks of 2012.

Another: lose weight. Always an ongoing thought/"I should...."/pain in my butt. I'm determined to become motivated and do it. I lost like 11 pounds last year and then basically gave up. I did well over the summer, walking the dogs 1-2+ miles almost daily. This winter isn't going to cooperate like last winter where I was able to walk nearly every day. Debating on the fitness club not to far from us. But...I don't want to go alone. I need to get the treadmill put back together from our move so I can start using that at least. I got on the scale a few weeks ago at work and was just appalled at the number. APPALLED. Wanting to throw up. No wonder my scrub pants hardly fit.

I need to make better food decisions too. It's hard to give up the stuff you like for the stuff to help keep/make you healthy. I cleaned and organized my pantry today so now I can see everything in there. I also need to become more focused on a correct serving size for stuff. That will help.

I'm making it my goal not to eat after 8 pm. (for now) Some nights I end up working past 7 so want to still have the option to eat supper.  As the year progresses, I intend to make this 7 pm. We normally eat between 530-6 so it should work out, except on the very rare occasion.

The never ending battle of water consumption. I will do really well drinking A LOT for a day or two, then the next few days I will not drink any. Always been my pattern and it's difficult to stop. Any ideas?

Here's to a healthy, happy 2013!

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