Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anniversary celebration...upcoming!

I am very excited and happy!
This weekend, Mark and I are going to be celebrating our anniversary. 
 10 years!
It's hard to imagine! It's not technically our anniversary until 31 January but that's a Thursday and Mark has class. He doesn't work this Friday night and I have Saturday off. AND Isaac is going to a friend's for the weekend!(Thanks, Henry Family!) I have to work Sunday and Mark works Saturday night, but still!

Our plans aren't much but we are heading to Des Moines Friday night for dinner at O'hana Steakhouse. We haven't been there in forever and I'm excited!
It's a hibatchi style restaurant with the "show". There is so much food....mushrooms, rice, vegetables, soup or salad, your main dish.
Saturday, I hope to seep in (well until 2 puppies wake me up) and then be lazy!

I need to see if I can dig up the message that the pastor read that night. And the pictures!

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