Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh my goodness, I passed my boards!


I'm still in a bit of shock, surprise and awe that I ACTUALLY DID IT! I was so nervous going into them.
Monday, the 6th, I left my house around 0745 and picked up my sister in Ankeny. She took the day off to head to Iowa City with me.

We stopped in Williamsburg to do some shopping beforehand and then traveled on over to Coralville, where we proceeded to have lunch at Steak & Shake. (YUMMY!) We ended up with some time to kill and found this awesome consignment store and browsed and bought there. Then the time came to find the building where I was to take my test. 

Kat dropped me off and I headed inside. I realize as I'm getting on the elevator that I had grabbed the wrong paper. Luckily, she hadn't left the parking lot yet! 

I get upstairs to the room and have my photo taken, my thumb scanned and both palms scanned numerous times. Then it was time....

The facilitator got me into the video-taped and audio-taped room and got me settled at a computer. After a brief overview of the way the test works, I went to work. 

I closed the clock on the screen as it made me nervous. I ended up answering 75 questions and my computer turned off. 75 is the minimum for the RN NCLEX exam. I was surprised and scared. 
I got logged out/signed out and called my sister to come back for me. She was surprised, as it was only about an hour and a half since she dropped me off. 

Afterwards, we drove down to the University of Iowa and drove around a bit and saw the football stadium and where the Hawks play basketball. Then we started our drive back west.
Kate and I had supper at Panera then I headed home. 

Today, I could log on and get "unofficial" results by paying $8. So, I did around 2 pm....and it showed I passed! HOORAY! Now I can really get serious about my job search!

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