Thursday, February 2, 2012

"I'm Just Here For a Good Time"

Last Saturday night, my sister and I went to see Lady Antebellum in concert down at the Wells Fargo Arena (Des Moines).
What a great show! I bought her the tickets for Christmas, with implied 2nd ticket being mine. We had talked about going but when tickets went on sale, their ticket service had a glitch and was showing tickets available in the 300 sections....which is like the nosebleed section. No thanks.

I was a bit bummed, but since we hadn't "officially" decided to go, I emailed her and told her those were the only seats available. She told me it was probably a glitch, because tickets had only been on sale for like an hour. So, I tried later....Section108! Much better!

The tickets came just in time for Christmas. I wrapped them up in a gift card box...then wrapped it. And wrapped it AND used masking tape to tape it all up! Needless to say, Kate was E X C I T E D!

We ate out at PF Chang's before heading back downtown to park and get inside. We parked at kate's old work and walked across the Pedestrian Bridge. A little workout as we had to go uphill...

Thompson Square and Darius Rucker (former frontman for Hootie and the Blowfish) opened. Both acts were fun and I really, really enjoyed Darius. Lots of fun and he did a few Hootie songs! Memories!

Darius Rucker!
Lady A was rockin'! I love most of their music so it was awesome to see. I was a bit disappointed in their stage show, as it was mostly just lights and stuff up on screen. But then they said it's their first headlining tour, so I forgave them.

The Main Act!

They rocked out! They dedicated a song to a cancer survivor, brought a little girl up on stage to sing and just rocked the house.

While our seats were not spectacular, they were pretty good. We were straight back from the stage and had a good view. (We've had better seats there, but these were good!) We had a great time!  Now we're looking forward to George Strait and Martina Mcbride in 3 weeks!

Before Lady A came out...


Dave rockin' the guitar

Hilary Scott

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