Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary...our wedding story

I sit here today, on my 8th wedding anniversary just in amazement how my life has changed in the last 8 years!

 It was really cold that day and it's snowing today!

Back at the beginning of the Iraq war, units were being called up and leaving quickly. Meaning: you got notified and were normally gone within a week.

Mark and I had been together just a little over 1 year at that point. He had bought the house in Boone and we were living there  running the "Madsen Motel" as Mark called it. Life was clicking along, I was working in Boone as well.

Mark went to January 03 drill as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sunday night, he told me they were being deployed, "so, you wanna get married". WHAT? Deployment? Marriage? Oh my goodness. I remember just being in complete and utter shock. So, what did I say? Yes, of course!

The next day was a whirlwind of phone calls, plans being made, ideas being thought of, paperwork being done. Mark got one of the few guys working that day to go along with us to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license. I called my mom and remember asking her if she had plans later in the week (Friday, to be exact). She wondered why-I told her that I was getting married and to call up to our church and talk to Pastor R and get it arranged.

This was only Monday and the rest of the week was spent at work, making plans in the evening, trips to Ames to the mall for clothes/rings and dinner.

By Friday morning, we were both exhausted. I still didn't have anything to wear but a friend of mine from CDS did my makeup and lent me a skirt and blouse. My friend Sara skipped one of her vet school classes so she could head up to Humboldt with us. She did my hair at my parents house before heading up to church. My sister Kat also skipped a class or two at Iowa Central to be home too.

Friday evening, 5:00 pm we are at the church. In attendance: my parents, Mark's parents, his 2 brothers, future sister in law, my sister, her boyfriend, my brother and his 2 boys, our friend Steve (best man), Joyce, Sara, my great-aunt Luella, my mom's friend whom I'd known forever, Donette, and my long-time friend from Humboldt, Amy. Pretty small group. It was a pretty short and sweet ceremony. My sister stood up for me. My mom was able to find sunflowers at the end of January so my sister and I could each have a bouquet!

We just had dinner in the reception hall at the church. We had broasted chicken, cheesy potatoes and cake. I think I might be missing something? My mom got all the food together on a week's notice and even thought to get a cake!

I remember clearly my nephew Michael (5) asked if he could come spend the night at my house that night. (He often came and spent the night with us). Um, nope bud. We're exhausted and Mark has to head down to Camp Dodge early the next morning. We got home and fell into bed that night, just to wake the next morning to see the space ship exploding as it took off.

While Mark spent the remainder of that weekend at Camp Dodge preparing for a deployment, Michael did indeed come and spend the weekend with me.

I don't clearly remember the chain of events, but as you know, Mark's unit did not leave in January 2003. They deployed in April, 2006.

It's hard to believe that it's already been 8 years of marriage. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but I know there is no one else more suited for me! Happy Anniversary, Mark and here's to many more!

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