Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 weeks in...1 test done

I have already finished up the first 2 weeks of my 4th term! The first week was spent mostly in the lab learning how to start IV's and push meds through. Intense week! On top of that, Isaac was sick and we ended up going to Urgent Care at 6 pm one night for his cough/wheezing/breathing. Luckily, he's on the mend and feeling better!

I'm doing my clinicals on the pediatric floor this round. We are now functioning as an RN so we can do all the IV bag changes, meds, etc.

The first test got out of the way yesterday. I always think the first one is the hardest since you never know what to expect. Unusual for me, I was one of the last to finish. Hope that's a good sign!

It's cold and white outside. At least the sun is shining and it's not -30* like yesterday.

Have homework, housework and errands today then a birthday party to attend tomorrow.

Stay warm!

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