Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting ready...

Well, in 3 days I start the second year of my nursing education! hard to believe! It's been a much-needed break these last 24 days.
I'm ready, excited and nervous to go! We'll be picking up a few new to our class students so our class will get a little bigger.

My clinical rotation starts in Pediatrics again. Then we move to Mental Health in Des Moines and finish the semester with OB. I'm looking forward to clinicals, as that's where we put our knowledge to the test!

Christmas was great. Isaac was spoiled but plays with most of all his gifts. He especially loves Hi-Ho Cheerio from my sister. We play nearly every day. He also got a Penguin Pillow Pet that goes everywhere with him, including Wal-Mart, the grocery store and every car ride, even if only to the library!

Mark bought be a Kindle, which I LOVE! He kept giving me the impression that I wasn't going to get one so I was somewhat disappointed and resigned myself to the Sara Palin book he said he bought for me (I don't like her). Mark and I exchanged gifts after Isaac went to bed on Christmas Eve. He bought me an orange ceramic reusable coffee mug (LOVE IT!) and a book. I knew it was a book from the wrap and what I felt.
I opened it up and indeed, it was Sara Palin. I was really sad and disappointed. I opened it up, hoping to find an IOU or a gift card or something. Well, lo and behold in the middle of the book was my Kindle! He cut out a part of the book and made a spot to nestle the Kindle inside! He's so sneaky, tricky and creative! He always does something out of the ordinary with my gifts. He also included a lighted leather cover for it. I take it everywhere! It's so handy and fits right in my purse!

I stayed busy over break. I cleaned the house, did laundry, cleaned most of the carpets. It's nice going into the next semester knowing that the house is somewhat clean.

Today would be a good day to read, but I want/need to finish up the laundry and clean Isaac's room (again).

Happy 2011!

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