Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's hard to believe that today is Christmas Eve! We got about 3-4" of snow overnight and it's still snowing! I love snow at Christmastime. I remember growing up many years where we were hoping to have snow for Christmas.
Last year, we were bombarded by a snowstorm that thwarted our plans. Hopefully it will cooperate tomorrow!

I did it! I graduated last week! I'll get my diploma in around 6 weeks. Many of my classmates walked across the stage as well. What an exciting time! I've been off school a week already and am keeping busy! I've enjoying the time away from the books, let me tell you! I've done laundy, cleaned bedrooms, cleaned the carpets, read two books and am looking forward to more relaxing!

I went up to my parents this past Tuesday and did some baking with my mom. My friend Melissa dropped in as well. SHe's home from Kuwait for Christmas so it was great to see her and have her help! It wasn't as large a baking year as usual, but we accomplished a lot and had fun.

Merry Christmas to all!

Here is our Christmas letter:

In January, I started my first semester of the LPN program at the DMACC campus in Boone. Now, 11 months later, I am set to graduate with my LPN on 16 December! What a great time I’ve had. I’ve learned so much, enjoyed my clinical rotations and have met some great new people! By this time next year, I will be completing the coursework for my RN!

Isaac started full-time daycare in January, as well. The transition seemed to go well and we switched daycare centers in mid-February. His new program has a preschool curriculum built in and he’s learning so much! He loves his friends and asks to go every day.

In May, we made the decision to put our house in Boone up for sale and downsize. We felt it was a good time to do it as I was done with the semester and had time to get it done. We packed up our house, rented a moving truck and moved to Ogden. It’s a much smaller place, but much easier on upkeep! Technically, our house never went “up for sale” as our neighbor’s daughter was interested. On my birthday in July, we got the call that her mortgage went through and we’d close in August! What an answer to prayer.

Isaac celebrated his 4th birthday this year! He received a bike for his birthday and has already worn out the training wheels! He rode it every day for hours at a time! He knows most of the people and kids in our neighborhood-and they know him!  Isaac also had his first “sleepover” at our friend Jessica’s house. Isaac had a great weekend swimming and playing while mom and dad finished up at the Boone house.
Other than riding his bike, Isaac still loves Thomas the Train, riding his John Deere tractor, Curious George and going to the library. We purchased a boat in late July and spent many weekends down at Saylorville Lake as a family. Isaac absolutely loves boating! He always wanted to go swimming, no matter the temperature. We’re looking forward to late spring already so we can get back out on the water.

Mark is still busy with work and the National Guard. He is also a part-time student at DMACC, as well. With a much smaller home and no yard work, he has time to relax now!

We wish you and yours the best for 2011! Much love to you all! 

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