Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm feeling random today.

*had a pretty decent week at school. On Monday, we had our first micro exam. No grade yet.
Tuesday was a 2 hour lecture day and Wednesday was lab. One of my slides has to be redone so that is a little aggravating.

*Fall tv has started. We don't have cable so it's nice to have some options to watch again after Isaac goes to bed. We record them to our computer then transfer to the tv. We tend to watch the show the night after it originally aired, but that's ok!

*The weather is finally cooling off. It was strange having 80* temps through the middle of September!

*Had a big tree limb come down on Monday. Right onto the neighbor's cable wire. Ooops. Got it back up and the tree will be trimmed in the next week.

No big plans on the agenda this weekend, other than riding Thomas the Train with Isaac. I won 4 tickets so we are doing that Sunday, along with a friend of ours and her 3 year old grandson. Isaac seems to be excited about it!

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