Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy New Year.

The first month of 2016 already ends tomorrow! Time seems to fly by so quickly.

We had some snow earlier in the week, but high 30's towards the end of the week melted a lot of it off. They are predicting a big storm to hit Monday into Tuesday and then last through Wednesday. 6-12" of snow is the latest I've heard. We'll see what happens.

The caucuses are Monday and I will be glad when they are over. In fact, I'll be glad when the whole election is over. I'm tired of the mail, doorbell ringers, emails. phone calls. I'll vote in November, don't worry. Keep pestering me and I may just vote for the other party.

Term 3 in my BSN program is a bit aggravating. It's nearly identical to what we did last term, including some of the same papers. Who thought that this was a good idea? (I'm procrastinating working on it right now!)

I'm ready for Spring Break (no plans) or June when we fly to NJ and cruise for 9 days.

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