Saturday, August 27, 2011

First week complete!

Isaac LOVES school! He's come home every day excited about what he's done and the adventures he's had.

The bus came for him on Wednesday and I was there as well. I wanted to make sure he got on the bus and got to daycare all right. He loves riding the bus! On Thursday, he forgot to give the driver his ticket so he needs to remember to give 2 on Monday (they are pre-paid so it's not like we didn't pay for the ride!)

He had his first school breakfast on Thursday, with me taking him into the gym and seeing how it goes. I left him there to eat his breakfast. On Friday, I dropped him off at the gate and made sure he told the teacher on duty that he was going to eat breakfast. I was so proud to see my little pre-k'er walk into school by himself. He told me later that breakfast went great.

Friday, he had music class. He thought the teacher's guitar was pretty neat.  I picked him up from school and we went to the library, had lunch and he accompanied me to get a pedicure. He thought it was pretty cool. Friday afternoons will be our fun time together: library, lunch, park, etc.

It appears that my boy is going to love school! I am thankful for that, as I believe a solid education is a needed attribute!

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