Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a new beginning...

Today is the day!

Isaac starts school! We decided with his birthday being in July to send him to Optional (pre, prep, whatever you want to call it) kindergarten.  This means he goes every day from 8-11.

We met his teacher this past Monday night (Mrs. "Hansom" as Isaac pronounces it) and saw his locker, classroom and school. He said he was going to be shy but he was totally the opposite, as usual! His teacher seems extremely nice and is very eager for her students to learn.

**Just got home from dropping Isaac off at school. It was good to see the routine. I walked him to the playground, where they wait with their class until 8 (unless the student is eating breakfast. Isaac will start that tomorrow). The principal spoke a little bit, I got teary eyed (but didn't cry!) and then we went inside. I walked with him to his classroom, he put his backpack (Cars 2), hat and sunglasses in his locker and went on in. He sat down to write his name (check in) then like an after thought, got up and gave me a hug, told me good-bye.

I am excited for him to start school. He seems to love to learn new things and he's so eager!

I'll meet him at school at 11 to make sure he gets on the bus to get to daycare. Even though I'm still home for a few days, we are going to get him started on the bus routine so he knows what's going on.

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  1. I'm glad he had such a good first day. It's very smart of you to hold off on kindergarten. All my friends who teach that grade say it's best to wait if you have any doubts. You're lucky Ogden has a preK program.


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