Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Why does it seem like kids always get sick on the weekend and/or holidays??

This past Saturday night, Isaac woke up around 1230 crying and not acting right. He had told Mark that his (left) ear hurt. He was running a slight temp at that time.

With Isaac's history, we figured ear infection. He had a double ear infection about 1 1/2 months ago. Before that, it had been almost 1 1/2 YEARS since his last one!

I was actually thinking clearly enough to remember that Ames has an Urgent Care. So, we made plans to head there in the AM. Isaac slept in my bed with his dad and I slept in his.

We took him to Ames in the morning. Apparently, you have to have an appointment for Urgent care. So, we were there at 10, appointment at 1215. It was 10:10. So...we went to Target to kill some time. Then we went to Hickory Park for lunch and to kill more time.

Isaac looked like he did not feel well at all. He wouldn't eat (except for 4 cherries) and had some chocolate milk. Poor baby!

We got to the clinic around 10 minutes to noon and were out of there by 10 after 12! Just as we suspected: ear infection in BOTH ears. Isaac even told the doctor he had an ear infection. His temp was 101.4 at that time.

so, a 10 day course of Augementin and he's on the path to health.

He was disappointed that we didn't get to go the zoo on Sunday like we planned. But, he and I went on Monday then met up with my mom and sister for lunch.

Looking at him now, you would have never known!

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