Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 4 going into Week 5

About a 1/4 of the semester is behind me already!

Things are going well. I'm enjoying my classes and enjoying getting to know the others in my class. With all the assessments we are learning, we will know each other pretty well in two years!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, hopefully?) is our first "check-off". We are going to be doing a head-toe assessment on our community partner. We need to attain 90% on all our check offs in order to pass the class. This is a big one, as it is literally head to toe. WIth the weather we are having today and into tomorrow, there is a possibility that it may be pushed back. Snow yesterday was supposed to amount to half an inch. We got over 2". Today it's snowing and every weatherman has a different guess as to the amount. So, I'll just say we're supposed to get a lot (I'd say we have about 4-5" as of 1:30 CST) and then the winds are to pick up tonight and into tomorrow.
They are saying that we may beat the snow record from 1961/1962. I guess the amount then was 59". I would think this storm may put us near or over! I've lost track of all the snow, it's just gotten so old.

This was taken from our driveway on Christmas Day. (It was snowing then too!)
Today @ 1:30 PM CST

My feet were covered when I stepped out to take the photo. Brrrr.....

Here's hoping that spring comes quickly!

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