Monday, February 15, 2010

just sayin'...

I'm REALLY REALLY tired of the snow. And cold. And plain old winter in general.

More snow last week, more snow this past Saturday (because I had plans of course) into yesterday and more snow overnight! 
Local schools have had 10-11 snow days! Some districts around us are extending the school day, others are considering classes on Saturdays! 

My check off went well last week. I got 96/100 and my 4 points were pretty stupid mistakes. Grr. I'm pulling B's in both classes and am pretty excited for clinicals to start in about 3 weeks.

Spent Saturday afternoon down in Des Moines with some girls from high school. Did some shopping, had dinner, caught up. Then I drove home in snow, which is never fun. 40 mph on the Interstate! I was finally into Boone County before I could do 60 mph! That's unusual because normally Boone County is horrible about clearing the highway.

Today is a get everything caught up for school/at home day. Isaac is at day care, which allows me to do school work and other chores undisturbed. Pretty much caught up for the week for classes, except for practicing my med/eye check off tomorrow AM.

We signed Isaac up for soccer this spring. I hope he likes it and I think it'll be fun to watch a bunch of 3-4 year olds running around trying to play soccer! 

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