Thursday, November 5, 2009

Open windows in November!

It's currently 58* degrees here! WOW! I love to prolong closing up my windows for winter. Today is a perfect day to open the curtains, blinds and windows!!

Isaac and I took advantage of the nice weather and walked up to the library this morning. He loves to walk "to the train tracks" and then play at the library too.

I enjoy Thursdays and Fridays when Isaac is home for me. It almost always involves our library trip, sometimes a trip to Ames but always lots of time together! I'll certainly miss this time when I'm in class M-F next semester.

Last night when he was in the bathtub, he asked me where his little sister was. I told him, "Isaac, you don't have a little sister." He goes, "Oh." So cute! It's not the first time he's asked for a brother or sister!

Yesterday while Isaac was at daycare, I cleaned my kitchen and made up 4 batches of tetrazzini. It was nice having a "down" day after the HUGE test we had in microbiology on Tuesday. Ugh, it was horrid. We just watched the movie "Outbreak" in class yesterday and that rounded out the school week. I made homemade applesauce in the crockpot last night as well. I'm hoping to come up with some easy freezer-type meals to do ahead of time so once classes start in January, I can just pull something out the night before. I've made up a bunch of muffin mix so that's been fun to experiment with. I've made chocolate chip, banana, and apple/cinnamon. All were quite tasty!

This afternoon, Isaac (and I hope me) are getting the H1N1 shot. He falls right into the category where they suggest kids get them. Along with his breathing issues, the H1N1 could really wreak havoc on him.

No big plans for the upcoming weekend. My mom is coming Saturday for a bit, hopefully we'll get to church Saturday night and then Sunday, I'm observing in one of the classes at church. Mark and I are going to be "permanent" helpers-2/weekends a month we'll serve in the nursery area. Mark has drill this weekend so Isaac and I will get a lot of time together.

I think the weather is supposed to stay nice so hopefully, we can get out to enjoy it!

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