Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The icks

I just love that picture. Isaac was just messing around one morning and found some training pants. Took off his pj pants and put them on himself. Then he made a new "bed" on the floor for himself too.

The icks have invaded here. I have a cough/congestion/sore throat, Mark has the cough/sore throat and Isaac has had a cough over a week. That means lots of nebulizer treatments for him. He seemed to have a temp one day last week, but it didn't last long. I just hope we can all get over this by Thanksgiving.

We are almost done with our Christmas shopping! YAY! Mark and I had a date night on Sunday and went out to dinner and did some shopping. I think we have 3 people left to shop for! Awesome! We've never been done this early. We are waiting on a few things to be delivered, but they are ordered!

I had CPR training last Saturday. It's a good skill to have (and required for the RN program) but I sure hope I never have to use it.

My super great husband bought and installed my new dishwasher over the weekend. YAY! The other one we had was just not doing a good job anymore no matter what we did. Not sure if it was the dishwasher, the hard water here or a combo of both. So far, this one is working fabulously!

Hard to believe that this semester is almost over. We have class only 2 days next week, due to Thanksgiving. Then a week of lab/lecture and then during finals week, we have a group presentation and a final test. I'm done on December 11 and start spring semester January 11! I about had a heart attack when I saw my spring semester bill today! I still need to get my lab coat and uniforms but will probably wait until break to make that trip to Des Moines.

The weather has cooled off but the sun is shining! That makes me happy!

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