Monday, August 24, 2009

summer is coming to a close

*sigh* It's true. Summer is nearly over.

Schools have started and I start fall term on Wednesday. I am only taking Microbiology this fall, but that will be enough. Science classes are not my cup of tea. After this semester though, I should be in the RN program. By taking all the non-nursing classes beforehand, it means less of a work load once I'm actually in the program.

Went to the Iowa State Fair last week with my mom and Ike. Ike loved it and convinced his mama and grammie to go on the sky glider. The boy has no fear. He loved it. He's a people watcher too, as he was content to spend a lot of time in his stroller. He saw cows and horses, tractors, a train and a lot of other various things.

Last week, my husband was doing army things, so Ike and I were on our own. Ike was exceptionally good. This week is starting out a total 180 from that. He's been ornery and cranky all day. He was up around 6:30 and saw dad out the door, who is doing army things again this week. We went and had lunch with my sister (first day back @ ISU) and got some groceries @ Walmart then we got home and he took about a 3 hour nap. I relish the quiet time and he certainly needed it.

After dinner, we played in the backyard and got toys picked up. Ike saw his first toad-wouldn't touch it but was interested. He spent time "talking" to the dogs across the alley.

Heading to my parents tomorrow. Ike is excited-he gets to see papa and gramma. I get to help clean the fridge :) and other random things I find to do.

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