Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer days

Yesterday, a long-time friend of mine came to visit. She's home for summer. She teaches at an all-girl school over in Kuwait. She was home at Christmastime, but it was nice to get together again!

We didn't do much. Went and had some lunch, played with Isaac, while he napped, we hung out and chatted. After Isaac's nap, we went for a walk to the bakery then wandered around a bit. She stayed for dinner then left afterwards. Isaac and I spent more time outside, riding his tractor and playing at the park for a while.

It's to bad that "summer" waited so long to arrive. We haven't really had much heat this summer at all, except for a few days back in June. School will be starting soon and I'm going to take advantage of the short break I have before then!

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