Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm still here!!

Many days I thought I should write a post, but then never did. A lot has happened...

March 4, 2013 I started as an RN at Mary Greeley Medical Center here in Ames. I am working on the behavioral health unit. I was hired mostly for the adolescent side, but will be trained to work the adult side as well. It's so different than what I am used to at the nursing home. I am enjoying every minute of it so far! I'm working nights, 3-1130, which is a definite shock to my body! Once I am done with orientation, I will be part-time and work about 24-32 hours/week.
April 13 is my last day at the nursing home in Nevada. I'm sad, yet excited for this new opportunity where I can grow in my profession.

Isaac starts soccer tonight. He's been talking about it for a while so we took the plunge and here we go! They will have games on Saturdays and in 2 weeks, I can go!
He is still enjoying Tae Kwan Do. He now has 3 stripes on his white belt and we plan to let him test for his next belt at the end of the month. Last week, he was moved up to the older kids class, so that is encouraging!

The weather has been whacky lately. For like 3 weekends in a row, we had snow. This past weekend, rain. I am hoping spring comes soon since I am itching to be outside!

We went to Blue Man Group last week. My sister and I took Isaac and he loved it! He laughed a lot and was just amazed by the show.

Over spring break, Isaac and I went to the Science Center down in Des Moines. We saw the giant T-Rex and also went to an I-Max movie about dolphins. We also went to my parents for a day. And then I worked 2 of the days and was sick another.

I am still reading and trying to keep books out of Scout's mouth. He's eaten 2 movie cases and now a book from the public library. He also ate a book from Isaac's school library. Crazy dog is 11 months old today and so darn big!

Both Sophie and Scout have decided if you are going in the car, so are they. Only, Scout can't or won't jump up into a vehicle. You have to give him a boost and he is already 60+ pounds!

Today, I went and bought our summer pool pass. Can't wait for summer and lazier days!

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