Friday, April 12, 2013

Farewell, Senior Care

Tomorrow marks my last day at Senior Care in Nevada.

13 months. It seems as if I just started and now it's ending.

I'm glad to have gotten my nursing start there. I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about the elderly/geriatric population.

I truly will miss it. I will miss some really GREAT co-workers. CNA's work HARD and are so under-appreciated.  Never having worked as a CNA, it truly opened my eyes. Thanks to all the great ladies (and the few brave guys) that work so hard to take care of the residents. Thank you for helping me along my way.

We lost residents along the way. Some were there just a day or two, others for years. You get to know them, care about them, want them to do well. You know the family and grieve with them when their loved one passes away. You remember them fondly when flowers come from the funeral and the family drops off the funeral program.

I will miss the residents. Some have taught me more than I thought I could learn from a resident in a nursing home. I would like to say I have more patience with the general population based on my experience. Some residents absolutely drove me bonkers. But they worm themselves into your heart and makes you sad when they take a turn for the worse or pass away.

Relationships between married people is a different dynamic when one or both is placed in a nursing home. They drive each other crazy being confined to such a small space together, but it absolutely tears you apart to watch them grieve for a spouse of over 60 years. The smiles, the friendly name-calling, the ones that grab your hand just for a little more reassurance......

If I ever end up in a nursing home, I hope it's similar to Story County Senior Care. The CNA's and nurses truly care about each and every single resident.

Thank you, Story County Senior Care.
I'm glad to have known you.

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