Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

After last winter, with hardly any snow, the first snowstorm of the season dumped upon us at least 8.5 inches of snow! 8.5!! It's a blizzard out there with high winds making it cold!

Of course, school was cancelled. It's great because Isaac would have had to miss school anyway. He got off the bus yesterday and complained his ears, head, throat, neck, shoulders and stomach hurt. He had a low-grade temp but we chose to call the doctor anyway. Strep throat-he's never had it before so he was pretty miserable. He went to bed at 630 last night and woke up at 730 this morning feeling better, but still with a sore throat.

The dogs are enjoying the snow. In some places, the drifts are over 3 feet tall in the backyard. They are having a ball running and jumping through it and keep sitting by the door to go out again!

Our road hasn't been plowed yet, but hopefully soon. Not that we are going anywhere! I prepared yesterday by going to the library and checking out movies to watch. We will also read some books, maybe play some air hockey, a little bit of baking and cleaning and just hanging out.

Isaac gets out early tomorrow for Christmas break. Hopefully, our plans to go to Humboldt will get carried out.

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