Friday, September 7, 2012

A new school year!

Today ends the second week of Isaac's kindergarten career.

He seems to be enjoying it very much. The first week, they were out early every day due to conferences. On Tuesday, I took him out eary to go to the doctor (double ear infection), Wednesday is the usual Wednesday early out. Thursday marked his first ALL DAY experience at school.

The second day of school, he started riding the bus. The bus stop is about 4 blocks from us. I use it as an opportunity to get some exercise-for me and the dog! One dog typically goes up every morning and another (weather permitting) will go in the afternoon. He loves riding the bus!

His teacher is very nice. They actually combine 2 classrooms for different activities so he has the chance to meet all the kindergarteners.

He enjoys taking his lunch, but is eating at school too.

I hope he continues on his path to loving school. Such an important thing!

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