Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

Sunday night, I met my sister at the State Fair to go see Miranda Lambert at the Grandstand. It was raining and cool, which is unlike any other concert weather we've had! LOL At least at the fair.

What a great show she put on! We didn't have as great of seats as we usually do, but at least we were under the roof of the grandstand and didn't get rained on during the opening act!

I spent the night at her house and on Monday, Kat, Isaac and I went back to the fair for the day. Isaac got to ride the DART bus and loved it.

We walked around, ate a lot of stuff: tenderloin, corn dog, carmel apple, deep fried oreos, cherry-vanilla coke, cherry coke, popcorn, lemonade. So delicious!

We rode the sky glider 2x, Isaac rode a camel, walked through the Varied Industries building, people watched.

Lots of fun and I was exhausted when we got home! Isaac asked to go again! Once a year is my limit!

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