Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I spent Mother's Day at work. Although, it was great to see so many families come and visit their loved ones yesterday.

Isaac and Mark brought my lunch (Subway) and had lunch with me. That was nice.
When I got home, Isaac had a surprise for me.....a potted geranium and a bag of candy. So sweet.

At school, he made me a beautiful card and a note that says "My mother luz me" . LOVED IT!

He wanted to bring me breakfast in bed and was disappointed that I had to work. He kept wishing me Happy Mother's Day until he went to bed.

Last Friday my mom came down and Isaac and I took her out for lunch then to Reiman Gardens over in Ames. We finished up our day with some ice cream and a trip to Target.

A good weekend!

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