Monday, June 14, 2010


We have moved and I'm glad that it's over, for the most part! We still have the basement to clean out, but that will come shortly!

It was crazy! I got a nasty case of strep throat 3 days before we moved. It was ugly. So, I lost one packing day to a 101* fever and the ickies that come with strep.

We hired a moving company to move the big stuff and are so happy we did! They were polite, courteous, on-time and nothing was broken. They were very friendly too.

Isaac spent the day with a friend of ours, his "Gramma Joyce". It was a relief to have him out from under foot, as we weren't sure how he'd react to seeing everything come out of the house. Before he came to Ogden that day, his room was set up and waiting for him. He didn't seem too concerned, but bedtime has been a struggle ever since we moved. i'm hoping it will wear off soon!

I had most of our stuff put away by Tuesday of last week. (well, the stuff that was here anyway). I'm still actually bringing "my kitchen" over from Boone. The house is getting painted so I'm trying to stay out of their way, although they should finish up this week. We have a few more things to get finished then the sign will be in the yard.

Isaac likes the backyard. It kinda has some boundaries so he knows where he can play. I got him a little chair and he likes to sit back there watching the cars go by on Highway 30 and having a snack. We'll get his sandbox over here soon.

I especially like that my washing machine and dryer are handy! I mean, no more dragging laundry up and down the stairs-gotta love that! Makes me more motivated to get it washed, dried and put away!

Ogden is a pretty small, friendly town. We visited the library the other day and they were very friendly. Isaac enjoyed it-they have a Thomas train table here too, just like in Boone. the grocery store is pretty small, so I anticipate doing most of my grocery shopping in Boone or Ames. We ended up getting a post office box so that will be a nice walk and/or bike ride to get the mail. (at least when it's not raining!)

My cats seemed to adjust ok. We left them at the house overnight the day we moved and brought them here Sunday. They spent that first day mostly under our bed. They quickly discovered hiding places and love the screen door!

I think everyone is getting pretty tired of all this rain lately. It makes Isaac crazy that he can't play outside and makes me crazy that he's going crazy!

3 weeks from today, Isaac turns 4! He wants a "Buzz Lightyear" birthday party so that's what we will have.  I think we're going to head to the zoo on his birthday and the Friday before, they are having a special story time at one of the fire stations in Ames so I think we'll head to that because he loves fire trucks and always wants to go by the fire department.

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