Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1/2 way!

Wow! Last week, I finished up the first half of my first semester! I did well in both classes and was pretty pleased with my grades. We have now started our Nursing Practice class that coincides with the clinical (that I start TOMORROW!). It's going to be a pretty intense class, with classwork, outside stuff, clinical, etc. But next week is Spring Break!

It's been raining here the last 3-4 days. At least it's not snow! And we can see some spots of grass! Hopefully, spring will arrive soon and it will warm up!

Isaac continues to love his new preschool. Can't wait to go every day. They have been playing outside the last week or so (when the temps were warm enough) so he's totally loving that he gets to play in the snow!

It's my "day off" but I have a lot of stuff to accomplish: school work, laundry, cleaning up the house a bit, etc etc. You know, the stuff that gets neglected during the school week! I'm off and running!

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