Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jamaica and Grand Cayman

Tuesday morning, we were at port in Falmouth, Jamaica!
We had nothing planned, other than to get off the ship and walk around. We went to Jimmy Buffet's "Margarativille" almost as soon as we got off the ship.
It was a fun place and we were able to connect to wi-fi and see what was going on in the world!

I found out my friend Jessica had her baby boy the previous day! That was exciting!

We ate then just walked around a bit. We did a little bit of shopping, buying a couple souvenirs and then got back on the ship. I spent the afternoon on the 5th deck, reading a book. It was great! It was quiet, warm and there was a nice breeze. I sat on a deck chair with my shoes off, my drink next to me and watched the waves in between pages.

That night, we knew we needed to plan for the next day. In Grand Cayman, they tender you in. That basically means that the water is to shallow for the ship to dock so they bring a boat out to you and give you a ride in. We were up early and got breakfast and ready to go so we could get off the ship in a timely manner.

We were some of the first off and onto the first boat for tendering. It was a full boat! At 9 AM, it was already quite warm sitting in the sun. It took maybe 15 minute to get to shore. There were 6 or 7 other ships waiting to be tendered also.

Today was the day we were snorkeling!!! Excited to say the least! We had our snorkel gear and were ready! We found our group and then we were walked maybe 3 blocks to the bay where we got onboard the boat. The captain and his wife were from Honduras and their assistant was from Grand Cayman.

They took us out to a sunken ship in the bay. Apparently, many years ago, it was coming from Honduras or somewhere and sprung a leak. It was hauling.........
a whole lot of rice! there were some well fed fish that day, I bet!

We were able to swim right over the ship and see the fish swimming through the ship and the rocks and everything. The water was so blue! It was very salty though. It was amazing! After a while, we all got back onboard and then they took us to a reef. They were throwing bread out for the fish so as we were jumping in the water, all these amazing fish were swimming through. It felt like you could reach out and touch them! I tried!

All in all, I fell in love with snorkeling! And Grand Cayman! I joke with Mark that I want to move there in 10 years!

After we were finished, we walked back and got on the boat to be taken back to our ship. We showered and went to dinner.

Isaac swam some in the pool that day, we went to a show that evening. FUN!!

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