Monday, November 29, 2010

2 weeks! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

December 16.
December 16.
That is the day that I am FINISHED with my LPN year of nursing school! WOW! It's 18 days away!

I have a lot to get done between now and then. Today, I just finished a massive paper, along with submitting 3 online assignments. Glad to get all those out of the way!

We're getting pretty excited in class, although our stress levels are through the roof right now! SO CLOSE!

Thanksgiving break was good. We had a total of 6 days off, since we did not have our Wednesday class and we never have class on Mondays! What a much needed break! Wednesday, Isaac and I hung out. Thursday,we stayed home due to Wed's weather. I cleaned house and did laundry. That night, I headed to Ankeny to be ready to Black Friday shop with my sister.

We went to Jordan Creek Mall at Midnight. MIDNIGHT! It was crazy busy, but fun. I'd never go out at midnight again but now i can say I have. We shopped and shopped. We were back to her place by 0630 and sleeping by 7! It was pure craziness on our part!

The weather keeps flip-flopping so you never know what's happening. It was 53* yesterday, 49* today and supposed to be 30* tomorrow. Crazy Iowa weather!

Got our Christmas tree up and decorated. Isaac is pretty excited! He also got a little tree for his room and is enjoying that too!

Wish me luck (and sleep!) these next couple weeks! Lots to do!

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