Tuesday, September 14, 2010

week 4

Week 4 of term 2 is underway! It's going so quickly!

I started my clinical rotation at the pediatric unit at Mary Greeley in Ames. That's already finished and my group moves on to OB this week! Excited for it, more than I thought I'd be! I liked peds, but unfortunately not as much as I'd hoped.
We found out last week we get to scrub in for a surgery during one of our clinical days so I'm looking forward to that!

I think we're still adjusting to this new school schedule. Isaac is thinking anywhere from 3 AM on is a good time to get up. Mom and dad sure don't think so! Bedtimes seem to be getting a little better, thanks in part to his sticker rewards. If he goes to bed with no fuss, he gets a sticker in the morning. If he stays in his bed all night, a sticker. If he gets dressed by himself in the morning, another sticker. He loves putting them on his shirt and showing his friends at school.

Ike bumped up to the 4 year old classroom at his daycare last week. He missed his friends and seems to have adjusted quite well to the new classroom, teachers and routine. I think he misses his old teachers though, as he told me today he got a hug from one of his old teachers.

He's found new friends in our neighborhood and is quickly becoming known to everyone else. Seems everyone knows Isaac! He loves riding his bike (with wagon attached) between our driveway, our neighbors and to the 2 houses across the street. He's getting very good at remembering to look both ways before going.

I couldn't ask for a better group of classmates! They are all so encouraging and are always willing to lend an ear or help out with assignments. We're a class of 15 (down from 23) so we are pretty close. We help drag each other along!

Pufferbilly Days was this past weekend. Mark had drill so Isaac and I went to the parade with "Grandma Joyce" and her 2 daughters and 4 grandkids. It was a shorter than usual parade this year, but Isaac still had fun. We went out the fairgrounds and rode the rides. Isaac, being fearless, wanted to go on everything including the Sizzler and the ride I call the flying bathtubs. He did all the kiddy rides and got mom on bathtub thing. It spun around high in the air and you could spin your tub. He loved it. Mom...not so much. I'm just too old for those things! I was so nauseous afterwards! Ugh.

Ended up with bronchitis last week. Bleh. Seems I can't stay healthy lately. I'm hoping it's not an indication of the winter...

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